Eighty Six, Volume 1, Reboot – Activate

Eighty Six, Volume 1, Reboot – Activate

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[86 V1] Reboot – Activate

The five soldiers remained at ease as they watched the officer girl of the Old Republic Army exit the glass case, approaching the President of the Federation. They were all in their teens, yet they showed poise far beyond their age, the brand new steel-colored uniforms on them surprisingly fitting.

He frowned as he spotted the pretty Selena girl with slightly reddened silver hair and a black uniform; next to him, the tall Vice Commander muttered,

“Hey… is it really her? It feels like… she’s different from what I expected.”

“She probably has her own tale. Just like how we have ours,” he flatly answered.

“I guess you’re right,” so came the reply. He glanced aside at the Vice Commander who was smiling away. It had been two years since he started wearing this steel colored uniform of the Federation Army, yet it seemed a little off. This applied not only to himself, but also to the other four.

The remaining three remained in position, not moving a hair as they muttered,

“What’s with the ‘Bloody Regina?’ How rude. That doesn’t fit her at all.”

“Hey, you think she can recognize us?”

“Hmm… sure will be happy if she can, but it’ll be interesting if she can’t…”

Amidst the murmurs, the duo seemed to have ended their conversation as the President led the girl towards them. The Vice Commander and the other three yapping away immediately went quiet, and resumed the stern, cold expressions from before. Such might be the result of the Federation Army training, or perhaps it was part of their act.

The five of them spotted the approaching President and the girl who was to be their superior again, tucked their legs together, and saluted in unison.

The girl saluted back with a motion slightly different from the Federation’s, and spoke up.

Her expression was a little grim, and stiff.

“This is Colonel Vladlena Millize of the San Magnolia Republic Army. Pleased to be of acquaintance.”

Huh, looks like she did not figured it out.

The quintet quickly exchanged childish looks of those who had pulled off a prank successfully.

And he, their leader, acted as representative, speaking up,

“Pleased to be of acquaintance, but not exactly. This is the first time we are meeting though.”

Eh? The silver white eyes widened. He looked down at her, smiling.

“It has been a while, Handler One.”


You are reading Eighty Six, Volume 1, Reboot - Activate in English / Read Eighty Six, Volume 1, Reboot - Activate manga stream online on 86-eighty-six.com

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86 -Eighty Six- (Japanese: 86-エイティシックス-, Hepburn: Eiti Shikkusu) is a Japanese science fiction light novel series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabii. It began publication by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunko imprint in February 2017. The series is licensed in North America by Yen Press.

A manga adaptation illustrated by Motoki Yoshihara has been serialized in Square Enix’s seinen manga magazine Young Gangan since 2018, with two spin-off manga series, titled 86: Operation High School by Suzume Somemiya and 86: Fragmental Neoteny, being serialized in Media Factory’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive since June 27, 2020 and April 26, 2021 respectively. An anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered in April 2021.read more

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